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Sophomore album

I am going to boldly ask you to help me give the gift of art. Yes, I know how "Portlandia" that sounds. And I fully lean into it.


Here in 2020, we find ourselves in a unique space in history, and I believe that our voices as artists are especially important right now. I believe that we ought to be experiencing divinity, truth and beauty TOGETHER — through any and all creative mediums. Art in its' many forms is a wonderful and mysterious force; fingerprints and evidence of our complex & nuanced human nature. Even more, art gives us a glimpse of spaces that exist beyond our five felt senses. It has always accompanied humanity’s milestones and is intricately interwoven with our culture and evolution. 


For me personally, music and creativity have always been a powerful force of hope and joy. I don't know how I would have survived certain seasons of life without being able to process through music. Whether writing my own music, or resonating with the music of my heroes, it has been a healing presence. This is something I strive to continue to lean into as I create and share my music.

Without revealing too much of my vision (I want it to be a surprise), I want you to know that this next album will revolve around themes of oneness in our human experience, which is fitting, because community, generosity,  and oneness will be the lifeblood of this album. 


I am presenting a very simple ask — that you would consider giving a little bit (if you are able to), and that you would consider giving more than a little bit if you have it (but only if you believe in me and what I am doing). I do not take it lightly that that we have all been under financial strain in this season, so I do not ask this with any sense of entitlement or ignorance. I am humbled if anyone is willing and able to contribute at all. I am aware of what a big ask that is. Every dollar will be known, counted, and treasured. I am opting not to use a crowd-funding website, so that you can be sure each penny is going exactly where it should.


I am also opting not to make promises on returns or "trades" for your contribution, as I don’t think there can ever be a true return on the the gesture of generosity and the value of art. My only promise is that I will deliver some kickass music. I will definitely be doing some live stream concerts and other special performances to promote this, which you can freely enjoy whether or not you are able to contribute! 

Something else that is important to me is helping others. I wholeheartedly plan on giving back by recording and producing other artists with the gear that I acquire through this big ask. Those of you who know me know how passionate I am about sharing the creative love. I constantly strive to create more space. This is so important to me.  


My total goal is $4500. If you scroll to the bottom of this page, I provide a breakdown of what that budget includes and how I arrived at this total. 


If you are offended that I am asking for help, that’s fair. Asking for help in our culture can feel off-putting. But I would like to share this with you: 


We as artists eat, breathe, and sleep our work. We work tirelessly and carve out time and space to channel our porousness into creating something out of nothing. We want to share beauty with you. We want to share an honest experience with you. We want to celebrate with you in your triumphs and milestones, as well as express grief in solidarity with you in your most painful moments. I have never made music to make money, (clearly) or to get freebies (what are those?). But the reality is, this musical medium requires equipment that isn’t within my ability to acquire (on my own) at the moment.  But I believe in my vision, my talent, and my skill, so I am humbly asking for you help!


I am linking a video of Amanda Palmer, speaking on "The Art of Asking", which has largely inspired me to go about funding my album this way. If you're questioning my heart, she says it so much better than I ever could!

So easy! Venmo & Paypal!

Whatever amount you are able to give, please put "RR2" and your first and last name in the memo. And please let me know if you would like a receipt! 

If you are using Paypal, please be sure to select "friends and family" option so that they don't take 3% of whatever you send me! 

Thank you so much!


The Big Ask

Who on earth is River Ripley?


Total goal:

Amount raised:


Hey what's up. My name is Rachael, and I am a creative artist and musician hailing from of Ventura, CA. I make music under the stage name "River Ripley". My life passion and purpose is to make killer art and to authentically connect with people. Simple as that. 

You can keep in touch with me on instagram and you can stream my first album, "Quantum Myopic" on all platforms.

I have already begun working on my sophomore album "RR2" (not the actual name, just a placeholder), and have a majority of the songs fleshed out with demos recorded. I have reached the point where upgraded gear is absolutely necessary, which is why I have put this page together! 

If you are willing to join me on this journey, or if you are able to pitch in to help, I cannot even begin to express my gratitude!

Thank you so much!

Peace & Love,




This is a complete overhaul of my current setup. It may seem excessive, but each and every element has been strategically chosen to suit my particular recording needs and preferences. If you are not familiar with recording gear, please know that many of these items are still considered to be on the "cheaper" end of the spectrum.  I have been working with a ghetto-fabulous, and very  "moody" setup for a many years. It is time. If you are, by some miracle, willing and able to purchase any of these items directly, please contact me (RACHAELLYNDE@GMAIL) so that I can coordinate with you and appropriately update the list.


***Some items on the list are rounded up for taxes. I also may not purchase from the listed site, I am using these listings for ease of reference. Anything given beyond my total will go toward miscellaneous cheaper items like cables, pop screen, etc... 

Interface: $450 - PURCHASED!

Headphones: $200 - PURCHASED

Mic: $400 - PURCHASED!

External Hard Drive: $180 - PURCHASED!

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