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Lush is River Ripley's second full-length studio album, available on all streaming platforms august 4th.

'Lush' pivots away from outer space into a dreamy and nostalgic suburban nightmare. while the music has softened and become more defined, 'lush' maintains the the same dramatic and biting lyrical edge as her older sister. 'Quantum Myopic'. Lush follows the story of a 1950’s housewife having a personal reckoning/awakening after many years of mistreatment and subjugation. Each song explores a different angle of her nuanced experience, including soul-crushing loss, feminine rage, poor coping mechanisms, homicidal fantasies, unforeseen romance, and existential dread. Lush is poignant and emotionally cathartic, but also campy and ridiculous. Even in the most visceral moments, there is an element of playfulness and folly. Sonically, Lush draws specific influence from some the following artists: Patsy Cline, Nancy Sinatra, The Zombies, Gerry & the Pacemakers, Ennio Morricone, The Beatles, Holly Golightly, and Lesley Gore. There are also many film/TV references from works such as: Kill Bill, Killing Eve, Sharp Objects, Promising Young Woman, and Thelma & Louise.

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